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Throughout the month of November we'll be sharing live demos on all things fiber, including fiber arts, fiber processing, kid's activities, studio and farm tours, and much more!

Demos will be streamed live to the 2020 Fairbanks Fiber Festival Facebook group and then uploaded to this page at a later date.

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Wednesday, Nov. 4th

5:30 PM

Alicia Andrus from Lagomorph Land presents:

Hop, Skip & Jump - The Basics on Angora Rabbits

6:15 PM

Bonni Brooks with the Spinners and Weavers Guild presents:

Painless Weaving

7 PM

Dotty Widmann, owner of the Net Loft Yarn Shop in Cordova presents:

The Gansey Project



Sunday, Nov. 15th

12-3 PM

12 PM

The Gansey Project in Cordova, Alaska

with The Net Loft owner Dotty Widmann


1 PM

How to Make and Weave on a Shoebox Loom

with Bonni Brooks of the Fairbanks Weavers & Spinners Guild

2 PM

Core Spinning

with Susan Willsrud of Calypso Farm and Ecology Center

2:10 PM

Tips for Handling Sheep

with Tom Zimmer of Calypso Farm and Ecology Center

2:15 PM

Weaving on a Floor Loom

with Claire Spann


2:30 PM

Sorting Qiviut

with LARS

3 PM

Angora Rabbits

with Alicia Andrus of Lagomorph Land



Sunday, Nov. 22nd

12 PM

Bad Sheep Yarn: Yarn Dyeing and a Workshop Tour

12:30 PM

Eager Spinners: Drop Spindle Spinning with Dwayne Eager

1 PM

Weaving from the Stash: Stash-busting Tricks with Bonni Brooks

1:30 PM

Food Color Dyeing with Shana Eager

2 PM

K3Tog Yarns: Kettle Dyeing at Home

2:15 PM

Calypso Farm: Twisty Stick Demonstration

2:25 PM

Calypso Farm: Making a Wool Bracelet


2:30 PM

LARS: Musk Ox Handling

2:45 PM

Calypso Farm: Basic Knit Stitch

2:50 PM

Calypso Farm: Basic Purl Stitch


3 PM

Calypso Farm: Needle Felting

3:20 PM

Calypso Farm: Sheep Shearing

3:35 PM

Calypso Farm: Introduction to Crochet

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The Fairbanks Fiber Festival is run by a collaborative group of local fiber farmers, artisans, businesses and educators.


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