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The Fairbanks Fiber Festival is an annual public event that includes workshops, demos, and a vendor marketplace with local fiber artists and farmers, with an emphasis on goods made or produced in Alaska.

The Festival features animal fibers such as wool, qiviut, alpaca, mohair and angora, other natural fibers like silk, cotton, bamboo, wood, and cane, as well as synthetic fibers. Goods for purchase include everything from raw animal fiber, yarns, baskets, quilts, sewn-woven-knitted and crocheted items, to looms, spinning wheels, spindles, and other tools used to create fiber art.


The Festival offers opportunities for the public to explore the local fiber scene and try out new skills, while giving fiber producers and artisans opportunities to network and strengthen statewide connections!

Looking for online demos? Check out our Facebook page or YouTube channel!

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